If your mother board

goes over-board

that would a tragedy

that needs a strategy.


When ruined the information

for your vacation

will be lost

with a cost.


Do not worry as it is not over

since you still have that new Range Rover.

You’ll arrive quicker than a Chevy

since it is quite heavy.


After all is done I whip my Ferrari

where the nights seem stary.



In this poem I start by talking about and referring to computer parts that can be easily damaged, this is to represent how frail our society has come to as our lives are put on items that can be ruined I’m seconds by the smallest tragedies. After that I refer to how the loss will affect them, I chose a vacation as an example to show that once the information is lost it is quite hard to get it back without a significant loss. After that I poke fun at how our society has become so hungover car names by explaining that it’s okay we still have our Range Rover to sell since we couldn’t afford it anyway and only bought it to look good in. I then speak about how people also only buy these cars for their status and how you can get to a “higher status” quicker by sitting in a Range Rover than let’s say a Chevy which holds you down to a middle class standard, hence why it is heavy as it is a weight in your shoulders. At the end I speak about how individuals lived would be if they had not wasted their money on these items before they could afford it. I explained the more deep reasoning behind this piece but it can still be understood if you just read it in its most basic form since it builds a small story that starts with The climax and then later moving in to resolution.



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2 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Dear Amit,

    Your poem is marvelous. I really liked how eveything that you said had another deeper meaning that relates to the real world and the human condition.
    Something that you could work on is to not always be looking to rhyme as it had made some of your words sound somewhat childish which wouldn’t suit the tone and meaning of your poem.
    All in all, it was a pleasure to read your work and I hope to see you grow as a writer.

    Zain Tariq

    1. Dear Zain,

      I’m glad you loved my poem and saw the deeper meaning that I was trying to go for.
      Thank you for the feedback I hope to expand my vocbulary by reading and writing more poems so that I am more comfortable writing different types of poem, and do not repeat my mistake.

      Thank you,

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