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Alright so for my about me I’m going to talk about…me, and hopefully, you see me as a person that you’ve never seen before. (said in a very generic monotone accent)

Well, right off the bat I can tell you that there isn’ t much about me besides the fact that I have a lot of interests in different modern technology, such as phones, computers, and obviously, from the title, cars (the turbo part refers to that). The reason I am so into this type of stuff is that all these items are things that we have come so far to make. For example, the computer is still relatively new and has been modernizing and becoming better and better each year. I sure do like to keep up with new technology just to see where it is headed and how big our advancements are becoming. Not only that but I also check out videos and people that tune and mod cars to see how much potential cars hold with themselves. I really got into cars because of my cousins and because of the Fast and Furious movies. Those movies are iconic and really did open up my eyes to how much potential everyday cars have with the parts that they have. Many cars that we see only have 250 ish horsepower but can be tuned and moded to have around 500 if done right. This blows my mind and makes me become like such a geek. Hence why it would not be ideal for you to start a conversation with me about cars or tech since my interests take my mind over and I would never stop speaking. 🙂

Anyway, aside from my many interests my personality is one that is seen as generic and unique in specific aspects, or so this is how I see it. In the beginning if you’ve never met me or talked to me or heard of me you may think that I am always mad or someone who would kill you because of my RBF (resting ____ face), this is usually because when I walk the halls I am usually serious and a very determined person. Hence why if I am alone I look like I just committed a couple murders the hours before, but if you catch me with my closer friends or even my closest friend (if you know what I mean ;)) then you will always see my smiling with my dimples indenting my face. Ms. Orchard always says they make me look good on stage but I mean I am not really smiling so I guess I would never know. Aside from that, I am a very protective person and that can make me come off as controlling, but I couldn’t care less because all personality traits have their negatives and so if I seem controlling because I want you to be as safe as you could be then I guess that’s a fair trade-off. Not only that but I am very social and like to think of myself as a jokester, I usually make a lot of jokes and call people out on simple things because I know the people around me will find it funny and the person who I am poking usually does too. That is why if you ever see me making fun of anyone or poking fun at even you, it is only because I like to see the smiles light up the rooms more than the actual light bulbs. Artificial lighting is overrated I think we should all just smile more.

So now that you know all the happy sides of me, I’d like to speak about the parts I usually don’t speak about just because they are very opposing views of some and they are also very serious social issues. But, I am a person who likes to dig deep into the secrets of society and point them out. This is because I believe that the more attention you give to these flaws in society the more support you gain when it comes to changing them for the better. On top of that, I do support many groups, though I won’t talk about my support to them aloud because of all the differing points of view in my life. I don’t do it because I am ashamed I just see it as not worth the debate because it’s going to happen anyway no matter what the verdict of the debate is. I also think no one should go against any groups (races, or LGBTQ) because most of the time it isn’t relevant to them and when it is I believe that they should talk to the person in which they oppose alone and in private that is in a civilized manner. I am all about being civil when speaking, my family gets to see my wraith when they interrupt me or be rude and start shouting for nothing. Speaking out of place and being uncivilized when speaking to people is a very big NO-NO. Though I will admit I do it sometimes as you will learn I do have quite a temper on me. But that is beside the fact.

Anyway I hope you learned a lot about me that not a lot of people know about and I hope you enjoyed this About Me. :))


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6 thoughts on “About Me 2019

  1. Dear Amit,

    Though I have no knowledge on cars and minimal knowledge about technology, I really liked your about me and felt I learned more about topics I would usually not be interested in. Despite being in the same school with you since elementary, I never really knew you well. Reading your about me left me with an insight of your passions, hobbies, and true personality.

    I would suggest making your about me longer, and putting your about me in a different format. A giant paragraph is hard to read through. I hope I get to know more about you as the semester progresses!

    Cindy 🙂

    1. Dear Cindy,

      I am very thankful that my About me had gave you an insight to me and had told you more about me as a person. Even though you have no knowledge about cars nor technology I am glad that you had learned something during your reading of my about me.

      Thank you for your feedback I will make sure to try and format it in a better way. Also, I hope I get to learn more about you too.


  2. Dear Amit,

    I deeply enjoyed your About Me, especially the parts that included anything to do with 4-wheeled automotive vehicles (cars). After reading this, I think I’ve been able to know more about you than before even though we’ve been talking for a couple years. I really think you displayed your unique and casual style of writing in this page, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

    As for improvement, I think you could just read over your writing and re-arrange some sentences to make it sound a little more smooth. One more thing…I found it incredibly hilarious…that instead of writing “wrath” for your writing, which was intended, you used “wraith”, I think by accident, because of the similar name of the Rolls Royce Wraith car (By the way, I recently made this error in my writing as well).

    Unas (Your fellow car fanatic)

    1. Dear Unas,

      I’m glad that you had enjoyed my about me and had learned more about me even though we have known each other for a very long time. I hope that you enjoy my other pieces of writing once they have been posted.

      Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to take it to the up-most consideration when I go back and edit my About me. As for the spelling mistake, I am very glad that you noticed it and had made that comment about the Rolls Royce since you are actually correct. I had been thinking about the car brand when I was trying to figure out the spelling of the word. I am also very glad that you had made the same mistake because it really shows how much we car about our cars.

      Thank you,
      Amit (Your fellow car enthusiast)

  3. Dear Amit,

    I really enjoyed reading your About Me; it was very sweet, genuine, and engaging! Personally I’m not that keen on cars or technology, but I do have a cousin who happens to be a car encyclopedia, so I understand your interest and passion for it! 🙂 In this piece you did a thorough job of introducing yourself and completely crushed the impression I had of you (it wasn’t anything bad – just different!). In a writing as this, an important technique to have is conveying our unique voice throughout the piece; I really admire how you were able to master that on your first try! Furthermore, I enjoyed your little jokes along the way; it really helped to communicate your individuality and personality.

    As for improvements, all I have to suggest is to be carefully of GUMPS (grammar, punctuation, etc.). There are a few awkward sentences and grammatical errors; however, these are easily fixable mistakes. Perhaps give a thorough proofread before posting.

    Despite those few mistakes, this About Me was amazing and enjoyable! I’m looking forward to reading more of you work!


    1. Dear Hefseeba,

      I am very glad that you had liked my about me and continued reading even though the topics that I talked about weren’t of any interest to you. I am also very pleased to hear that I had cleared up the impression of me that you had since when people tell me about their first impressions they are no where close to who I am and are usually very off, but I think I did a good job in my About me if it had given you a better impression of who I was. I’d like to disagree with my mastery since I am a very terrible writer and I think I could’ve done a better job had I been more creative and a better writer. Also for the jokes the point for them was to give a better understanding about who I am and also keep you interested and from your feedback I am very glad I added them and you had understood the meaning behind them.

      I have always struggled with my GUMPS so I hope that later in this year when my understanding of them is heightened I will make sure to go back and edit my work better. As for awkward sentences and grammatical errors, I will be sure to go back and proof read so that I can fix them.

      Thank you,

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